The luxury of reexamining one's life excludes essential workers

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Many folks are re-examining their lives since the pandemic, just not the essential workers.

A surprising side effect of Covid is contemplation. As the country shifted to remote work, many are now reassessing their lives. Some like it better this way. They no longer have to commute to work, have…

Desperate to make a connection during lockdown I tried to help a frantic feline

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The first time I tried to get a cat during the pandemic was late March. I’m a teacher and a traveler, and most vacations I take off and it never felt it was the right time to take care of a kitten. But this pandemic would be different. We couldn’t…

Where are we now?

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Facebook does it. Google too. You turn on your computer and there it is without any warning. A forced nostalgia determined by an algorithm — displaying a bygone photo of where you were you on this day, x years ago.

Once again, we are coerced into a form of remembrance…

Amanda Gorman live on @NBCNews reciting the poem, “The Hill We Climb” photo credit elana.rabinowitz

The scatting rhythm, near-perfect cadence, and power of the words that came out of the mouth of 22-year-old Amanda Gorman on Inauguration Day — may have just changed the world. But how? …

Instead of Netflix, I binge on masks

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The first one I ever got was gifted from my sister in law, a coveted n95, a cardboard-like mask that I firmly placed over my face the first time I ventured out of my apartment in search of sundries. Snug on my face made it difficult to breathe but allowed…

Why respect for women in the workplace is still an ongoing battle

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Century 21 Department Store photo courtesy of The New York Times

What shopping at Century 21 meant to this native New Yorker

New York is famous for its rotating corners, one minute there’s an Italian restaurant seated to capacity the next it’s an eyeglass store. Stores often come and go, but the loss of Century 21 is truly devastating.

The suburbs have their malls, the country shopping outlets, but New Yorkers came…

Time to let him go

Cuomo Briefing Guests Chris Rock and Rosey Perez photo credit elana.rabinowitz

As the daily briefing concludes, I am preparing to say goodbye to my imaginary boyfriend of 111days, Governor Andrew Cuomo. Am I ready?

For his final briefing, the governor traded in his golf shirt for a black suit with a popping lavender tie. He is for once sitting alone. There’s…

How are you coping?

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Social isolation. Introverts love it. Extroverts fear it, and those in the middle are at a crossroads. For me, this uncertainty is surmounted by the fact that I am single and live alone and therefore easily forgotten.

Sometimes it’s good to be overlooked. I’m healthy, under…


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